RedInzide is a business project committed to sustainability, solidarity, ecology and in tune with the Economy of Common Good.

Our goal is to provide innovative technology solutions to challenges and social problems, as well as the promotion and reinforcement of local activity and entrepreneurship staff of professionals compared to the model of globalization which eliminates the human dimension of the business.

In RedInzide we believe in man and society. We are committed to human action, facilitating the business development of freelancers and entrepreneurs, and an economy for the common good to provide a new differential space that can go the people committed to these ideas.

reinforce human action


In HumanRed, which is part of RedInzide, we put at the disposal of those who wish, a series of technological tools free for the development of communities and professionals aligned in the economy of the common good, with the purpose of promoting solidarity and communication between people, as well as the promotion of the local activity. Among other you will find the following tools:

- WILLS (virtual barter) - social network and platform of solidarity for the exchange of products and services that we put at the disposal of any NGO, organization, association, community of neighbors, AMPA, etc… interested in it.

- FAIRCOM (fair trade for the common good) - Project focused on the promotion of local activity and based on the facilitation of visibility on the Internet of the professionals, craftsmen, cooperatives and small businesses so that they can put up for sale its products and services on the basis of rules of fair trade, to do this we offer you the opportunity to create their own online shop through our server, without any cost for the customer who will act as virtual showcase to the promotion of its products and services.

If you are interested in any of them, do not hesitate to contact us for your configuration.

free tools for the Common Good


In TekInzide, which is part of RedInzide, our specialty is the consultancy, advice and the development of technological projects of any nature, so we have a team of highly qualified professionals with great experience in these fields.

We seek projects, to be possible with a marked social objective, to help people and improve their quality of life.

If you need consulting and technological support for any project, in TekInzide we will be happy to assist you and we will put all our enthusiasm and knowledge to find the best solution and its commissioning.

We offer solutions of joint financing to allow access to the technology to those entrepreneurs in a situation of exclusion for economic reasons or training.

Do not hesitate to contact us, we like challenges and struggle for the realization of the good ideas.

human technology

Who are we?

We are a team of professionals, multidisciplinary in character, formed by people very diverse: mathematicians, historians and engineers in computing and telecommunications, with more than 12 years of experience in the development of projects in the area of information technologies.

We believe that the dreams are possible and that can be achieved with imagination, labor and equipment.

Our challenge is to create a place to grow and learn while we work for something more...

If you want to undertake a technological project and need help, do not doubt, contact us.

  • Established 03-01-2013
  • Company RedInzide S.L.
  • Location MÁLAGA

Mission, vision, value


RedInzide´s objetive is the promotion of human activity to make real a sustainable and solidarity world.


The purpose of RedInzide is to serve as a referente for committed people, offering a platform of applications and tools to facilitate their work and allows them to develop their projects.


This mission we hope to achieve:

  • Providing a tool through which users can contact to meet their needs.
  • Developing and promoting human solidarity, ecology, sustainability and local activity, in the line of the economy of the common good.
  • Considering the opinions of users and constantly working to improve the network.
  • Resolving incidents that may arise.
  • In compliance with legal requirements.


We are specialized in the development of technological projects made to measure of customers and in the development of our own products.

Lines of work

  • Big Data

    The "digitization of the physical world" generates an enormous amount of information from a wide range of devices that are part of our daily lives. To the work of store, sort, analyze and share this massive cluster of information, is what is known as "Big Data", which is defined as "the capacity of the society to assimilate the information through innovative means with the aim of producing knowledge, goods and services of significant value".

  • Internet of things

    We are currently experiencing a "digitization of the physical world" due to a growing digital interconnect our everyday objects with internet, generating new relations between those objects and people, even among the objects directly, they are connected between themselves and with the network, offering data in real time, only just integrate a chip on any object to be able to process and transmit information from it constantly.

  • Social Projects

    There are many types of social projects, but what they all have in common is to look for the change in the society, responding to the basic needs of the people, improving their living conditions, through the development of actions and ideas that are interrelated and are carried out in coordinated in order to achieve this goal, but to do so it is necessary to align skills, interests, values and aptitudes. These social projects can be impelled by the proper State, any NGO, associations or private enterprises. From RedInzide, as a private company and within our field of action, what we want is to provide innovative technological solutions in response to those challenges and social problems.


  • RedCrawler

    Development of the project RedCrawler for the entity "Recobro Legal", juridical company of Malaga specializing in the cashing of unpaid debts and the integral defense in creditors' contests.

    The project consisted in the development of an application to seek information from any public auction of movable and immovable property in Spain, either through a court or the administration itself, allowing it to perform real time monitoring of the same, as well as the possibility to receive alerts in the event of any change in the execution of the auction process.

  • RDMConf

    Development of the project RDMconf for the product Idderocloud of Ingelabs, company of Malaga located in the Technological Park of Andalusia that develops its activity in the sector of electronic engineering, mainly in the area of automation of homes and buildings.

    Our work consisted in the development of the software for remote access by customers to the central domotics Iddero of their homes, at any time, from any part of the world, quickly and safely, through any device with an internet connection (smartphone, tablet or PC).

  • Alia2 Foundation

    We are proud collaborators of the Foundation Alia2, non-profit organization whose goal is the eradication of child exploitation and abuse of children.

    For this foundation we develop a robot-spider tracker in search of pages with content pedophile for subsequent complaint to the State security forces, as well as a help button to the minor, situated in it web page, which automatically puts you in contact, anonymously, with a psychologist of the Foundation.

  • Ofiluz

    Malaga-based company dedicated to the consultancy for the efficiency and saving energy, both for companies and individuals.

    Our work consisted in the development of the web portal of the company, as well as the technological tools for the automatic management of deals for the energy consulting and the energy saving, in addition we take care of the creation of the database and applications of their customers and the installation and configuration of its corporate email.

    Currently, we continue giving technological support to Ofiluz, taking care of the hosting and domains of the same, as well as the technological maintenance of the same.

  • Herboristería Lina

    Collaborative shop as a result of the FairCom project.

    Our work consisted in the creation and set up of the virtual store, with own domain, totally personalized, with integrated system of sales, payment gateway, product inventory, etc, as well as its maintenance, and the customer, on the other hand, was in charge of all commercial work: managing products and orders, stock, etc.

  • Spanish Shoes

    Shop seller pro at Amazon.

    RedInzide was responsible of the creation and set up of virtual shop for the customer at Amazon, both technologically and bureaucratically, and later, we gave a training course to the customer for the use of the same: elaboration of listings, sales in the different European platforms, order management, etc.


  • Tools for ECG

    We put at the disposal of those who wish, a series of free technology tools, such as Wills (virtual barter) or FairCom (fair trade), for the development of professionals aligned in the economy of the well common, with the purpose of promoting solidarity and communication among people and communities, as well as the promotion of local activities. For more information see the HumanRed section of our website.

  • RedCamp

    Application of document management of e-mail campaigns.

    We developed this application, focused principally on commercial in order to facilitate the implementation of campaigns of email, fast, easy and intuitive, putting at your disposal a series of tools, such as the use of templates for greater customization of messages, as well as specific filters for sending selective to their customers.

  • Home Watcher

    Currently, within the R & D of the company, we are in the development phase of this product, both hardware and software, with a marked social content: the care and attention of our elders.

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